Q & A

What are your political views?

I consider myself a moderate in today’s political climate. On some issues I tend to think conservatives have the best approach. On other issues I tend to agree with with liberal views.

Isn’t your claim to be objective phony?

No one can reach the ideal of perfect objectivity, but I aspire to be as objective and fair minded as possible in my political analysis. I believe my biography at this website demonstrates my background and work experience probably makes me more likely than most to be objective.

What are you trying to do with this site?

Lots of things, as explained elsewhere. A key goal is reducing the number of time-wasting exchanges like this in comments on a friend’s Facebook page:

Trump Supporter: You can repeat a lie a million times and it doesn’t make it truth, and my how you do repeat it. All you have to do is find one single reference in context where Trump calls COVID-19 a hoax. You can’t do it.

Wanna-be Liberal: You just can’t handle the truth if it doesn’t agree with your agenda. As I have said before, you and Trump have much in common in that you are both arrogant liars. You would deny any source I used as you have always done.

Trump Supporter: I have no agenda but the truth. Produce the reference or consider yourself a useful pawn, and that’s the best I can say of you.

“Arrogant liars.” “Useful pawns.” Really? Lots of angry talk but little real listening or respect on either side.

Liberals, more than most, need to avoid this type of exchange, because it’s well established in the academic literature (as well as observations by the more perceptive laymen) that anger and divisiveness benefit conservatives.

We’ll be developing this thesis further, but in the meantime I’ll provide a 1970s era quote from Pat Buchanan, then a key political adviser to Richard Nixon. Buchanan recommended that Nixon “cut the Democratic Party and country in half; my view is that we would have far the larger half.”

Of course, Roger Ailes, another of Nixon’s strategic advisors, went on to create Fox News and operate it for many years. No one would deny that conservatives have seen a significant level of success with this agenda.

Everyone–especially “liberals”–will benefit by lowering the temperature, facilitating more rational discussion.

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