Welcome: Fighting Bad Speech With More Speech

Premise: Many people in this country, both conservatives and liberals, have forgotten how to speak with those who disagree with them. Both sides are talking, neither is listening.

Purpose: This website’s purpose is to demonstrate ways to help Americans better debate issues. We can’t always, or perhaps even usually achieve consensus, but better mutual understanding of issues will help lower the temperature, reduce divisiveness and make it easier to find common ground when that is possible.

Method: There is no obvious or easy way to achieve this objective, so we will take a pragmatic approach. We will focus initially on trying to develop a shared view of basic facts, or at least narrow the grounds for disagreement.

Assumption: The best method of determining “truth” is the “marketplace of ideas,” based on the First Amendment: Let all sides have their say, and then let observers decide which side is more persuasive. We aim to provide a forum for civil debate on contemporary issues.

Obviously, this is a giant task. We are under no illusions about our ability to accomplish this. Our goal is more modest: To provide an example, a proof of concept.

We encourage volunteer assistance. We will also donate this domain name to any organization that is in a better position to accomplish this. We could remain as a volunteer.

Our About and Q & A sections contain more information.

Jerry Lawson